Hello world

May 19, 2024

Since my childhood, technology has always been an essential part of my daily life. I've always been a curious person, and I used to take apart computers to see their hardware, even though I didn't understand much at the time. To me, technology seemed like magic. It has been the gateway to many experiences, both good and bad, and has been present in my interests and forms of entertainment.

So, as this is my first article, I would like to share what technology means to me, all that I have learned conceptually, and why I consider technology to be fundamental in our lives.

Technology is useless by itself

Technology, by itself, is useless. What really matters is how people use it. It is people who give technology its utility and transform it into powerful tools. For example, the iPhone wouldn't be what it is if people didn't use it; it is human use that gives it its true value.

An illustrative case is Slack. Originally, Slack was not the main idea of its creators. They were developing a video game called Glitch, which included an internal communication tool. Although Glitch eventually shut down, the founders noticed that the communication tool, Slack, had potential because people really used it and found value in it. Thus, Slack became their main product and today is one of the most important workplace communication platforms in the world.

This example of Slack shows how an initial idea doesn't always work out as expected, and how an idea can be shaped based on the utility and value that people find in it.

This is one of the many reasons why I love technology: sometimes, its development doesn't make sense until people find a reason for it.

Just accelerate the development

The recent launch of ChatGPT-4o has once again demonstrated how technology, and particularly artificial intelligence, is evolving at an unprecedented pace. This development is not only exciting but also fundamental for our evolution as a society.

Artificial intelligence and similar technologies are changing the way we interact with the world and each other. The possibility of having a voice assistant that can communicate completely naturally and respond to human interruptions is just one example of how these technologies are transforming our daily lives.

Those who adopt these emerging technologies early have an important advantage: they will be the first to experience and benefit from the advantages these technologies can offer, both in their personal and professional lives.

However, this exponential growth in technology should not be a cause for fear, but for optimism. As technology advances, it allows us to overcome limitations and achieve goals that previously seemed unattainable. Whether it is colonizing Mars, achieving general artificial intelligence in hardware, or any other goal we have yet to conceive, technology is at the forefront of our evolution and growth as a society.

This drive to accelerate technological development is more than just a race for innovation. It is a concerted effort to evolve, improve, and create a future where technology and humanity coexist and thrive together.

Be optimistic about technology

Personally, I consider myself a rather optimistic person when it comes to technology. I firmly believe that technology has the potential to revolutionize and make more efficient many processes that, in today's world, we might consider unnecessary.

Technology has the power to transform our lives in immeasurable ways, from simplifying daily tasks to opening new fields of opportunities and knowledge. This can be seen in the way technology has changed how we communicate, educate, work, and entertain ourselves.

Moreover, technology allows us to access information and resources that were previously inaccessible, thus democratizing knowledge and education. Through digital platforms, online courses, and collaborative tools, anyone with Internet access can learn new skills, acquire knowledge, and collaborate with people from all over the world.

I am also convinced that technology, particularly artificial intelligence and machine learning, could be the key to solving some of the biggest problems facing our society. From climate change to healthcare, this technology has the potential to provide innovative and effective solutions.

It is worthy to acknowledge the work of AGI labs, which are responsible for ensuring the highest level of security in terms of filters. I support open-source models, as long as they are regulated, so that we have safe technology to use, and those who choose to use it for malicious purposes always face limitations.

My optimism in technology comes from its capacity to change and improve our lives in ways we cannot even imagine. However, it is also important to remember that technology is just a tool, and its impact will depend on how we use it.


At the time of writing this, we are living in one of the best moments in human history. I was only 3 years old when the first iPhone was launched, and the announcement of OpenAI with its ChatGPT-4o model made me feel like a child again. Although I don't have clear memories of those launches, this new technology evokes similar feelings, as it marks a before and after in society's interaction with technology, just as the smartphone did in its time.

Although this technology is relatively new, it will take time for it to fully adapt to society. Just as the iPhone needed several years for people to transition from flip phones with buttons to smartphones, artificial intelligence will also have its adaptation period.

I see an exciting future and want to be involved. Let's keep building.